Half A Project

13 Dec 2018 #TellTaleThursday
December 12, 2018
The Shoes
December 19, 2018

PHOTO PROMPT ©Douglas M. MacIlroy
The six feet giant was sweating nervously as half painted project stared him in his face.
He wondered how would he defend himself. It was an opportunity to prove himself. He had failed the little one. As he lit his cigar, big daddy thought “any moment now’.
The phone rang; a squeaky voice demanded, “How much is done?” Shivering the big guy tried to sound confident, unaware that his voice would betray him “2 continents…but …”
“tut-tut… disappointed.” The line went dead on the other side.
With shaky hands, he took out the revolver and pulled the trigger inside his mouth.

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  1. Violet Lentz says:

    Poor thing. No project is worth all that!! Good write.

  2. Iain Kelly says:

    Two continents is not enough?! Poor giant guy.

  3. lisarey1990 says:

    That ending was sad. Caught me completely off gaurd. Great write!

  4. WOW!!!! In my nearly 1am reading, slightly slurred with red wine I nearly dropped my jaw!
    Really great, one of my faves this week.

  5. granonine says:

    Why was the giant so afraid of the little squeaky voice? Hmmmm. So sad that he felt there was no hope.

  6. jillyfunnell says:

    Grim story, Priya. Awful ending. And so many unanswered questions.

  7. Dear Priya,
    Ouch grisly ending there. Too bad he didn’t see another way out.

  8. Oh no. So sad to feel like there is no other choice. Nice write.

  9. Kislaya says:

    poignant piece… I was taken by surprise. I wish he would have realised the worth of his life!

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