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August 2, 2018
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The author of the day is a food scientist turned data scientist, a homemaker, and full-time storyteller. She lives her life to the fullest.  She believes that she is a vampire who loves rains and works more efficiently at night.  She is a woman who exudes confidence and is passionate about learning new skills, dancing, designing furniture, playing tennis, and above all shopping.

Let us now meet Nidhi…

Three things Nidhi cannot live without are books, notebook, and camera. She is a big-time foodie yet a gym freak. GS Nidhi a voracious reader who believes, “A writing pad and books are your best friends.” 

Q. You stories are unique, yet, realistic. Which one is your favorite and why?
A. All are my favorite. You are asking a mother to choose her favorite baby. They all are my favorite because of two reasons:

    1. This book is my first baby and it took me almost 4 years to get it published.
    2. Second, my dad loved them.

Q. Any story inspired from true events?

A. All of them in some way or the other are inspired by real-life people or events. For example: “Innocent Dream” My husband gave me a trinket of ‘love, faith, and hope along with a turtle stuff toy, on our first date. (FYI: it was an arranged marriage).

Another story “Listen from heart”, Tarang’s character is based on my cousins who are deaf and mute and are 100 times talented and better than me.

Q. Which 3 things do you keep in mind while writing short stories?

I do not keep anything in my mind while writing them. The story comes to my mind and touches my soul, I just write that either in the diary or on my blog. I believe whatever you write if it comes from your heart, it will definitely touch the heart of the reader. I remember one guru mantra from my mentors that whatever you write, read it over and over again to achieve perfection in your storytelling. I am trying to be a story-teller not a story –writer.

Q. As an author would you love exploring various genres or do you think one needs to find a niche to become well-known?

A. As I said earlier, I consider myself as a story-teller. A story-teller can tell stories of all genres depending what they want to convey and to whom. In my personal opinion, if you are a good storyteller, despite any genre, you will become famous.

We have legends who wrote in a different genre and are equally famous for example Paulo Coehlo, Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, Munshi Premchand, Sudha Murty, and many more.

Q. Did you learn anything about yourself or about life while writing this book?

A. Every day is a new learning experience. You write what you have experienced in life or what you have learned from the experience of others. I have learned how to be happy in every situation as whatever happens is always happens for good. While writing, I experienced 12 different lives of 12 different people. I learned patience in these 4 years to get a right platform to publish it. Earlier, I used to reject any book just like that,  now I have learned that every piece of writing by any author is like their baby, it’s a result of their hard work and I am no one to judge their work as good or bad writing. I respect everyone’s work and always gives my personal honest opinion in a way that can help both of us to improve.

Q. Your idea of a perfect day?

A. On a beautiful day when rain is pouring down heavily, I am sitting in my balcony with a cup of my green tea and a book.

Q. Share your best/ most favorite memory.
A. When I wrote my first story and emailed it to my friend Pritha who is also a writer and published author.

She replied to me, “Nidhi. Your stories will change lives. Well, my eyes were too blurry to write much else. Also, u know I won’t write what I don’t mean. Wanted to tell u. Your stories feel like gifts from Him in the new year. Subtle reminders of what I need to focus on etc. Grammar check is required to do that for sure. But I am getting to know u as u are through this and will reserve my comments till I can articulate them well.”

(Above is the reply I received from Pritha. Sorry dear for sharing it here.)
Q. Do you have any advice to share with fellow bloggers/ authors about writing or publishing an e-book or a book?

A. Never ever get scared of criticism, accept it wholeheartedly, it will help you to improve. If it’s a shaming, again accept it wholeheartedly as your work will speak for you. Just write it from your heart and feel it from your soul.

Q.What is one superpower you wished you had?

That I can read all the books present in this world in this lifetime.
Q. How do you fight writer’s block?
A. By meditating and again start writing
Q. Where do you get inspiration from?
A. From you all.
Q. How writing/publishing an ebook has evolved you as a writer?
A. It’s a continual process, I still am not evolved, but trying to. (Abhi to Ande mein crack hi hua hai, dragon ko aane mein waqt lagega)
Copy of Wheel of time (1).jpg
Book Blurb Content: These are 12 people, 12 tales and 12 months. Which says “When The Unexpected Leads to Expected”.
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  1. Storyteller says:

    Thank you my dear… It was a great experience.

  2. Varad says:

    Loved the interview. I found Nidhi as someone who has similar approach and thoughts to writing as me. Kudos on your book and more power to your pen, Nidhi. Excellent interview, Priya.

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  4. Priya, I loved Nidhi’s introduction. A vampine – now that’s a very interesting thought! Nidhi, when I read that your father loved all your stories, it gave me a warm feeling like only a daughter can experience when she gets a compliment from her father. Good interview!

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  6. writenlive says:

    Nidhi, it is good to know that you are a story teller. You have found inspiration in such perfect writing stalwarts. I can really imagine you writing away to abandon at night.
    Great interview, Priya!

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