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August 5, 2018
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Her exuberance is what makes today’s author different from the others. She is the warmest person I met virtually. She loves to love and loves to smile. The tougher the life becomes the broader she smiles. She can impress you with her Bharatnatyam steps and her swimming strokes, equally. The biggest weapon in her kitty is her ability to read faces.  She is an unbalanced Libra who can go to any extent to help others. 

Presenting… Roma... who spreads the aroma of love all around.

Known to the world as Truly Yours Roma, the author Roma Gupta Sinha has been scribbling her heart out on every little piece of paper she has managed to grab, from the age of four. Otherwise, a qualified techie with over ten years of experience working all over the globe, she has a knack for telling stories, stories that touch and provoke your soul and stay in your hearts forever.

She has been felicitated with numerous awards for her writings including ‘Women of the Year 2015’ and is often found weaving some inspirational words on her blog She believes she is born for a purpose and yearns each day to be the face of positive change in the society she lives in.

‘Destiny’s Favourite Child’ is her third book after her first release ‘Dare to Defy the Destiny’, a non-fiction did really well and her second, a chicklet romance, ‘The Fragrance of True Love’ which was a soulful tale of two resonating hearts became a bestseller.


 Q. You have published 3 books. Which book is the closest to your heart and why?

A. My three books are my three babies and tell me can we ever pick a favorite from three of our children? Also, the three books are poles apart from each other. All I can say is they are the softest pieces of my heart and they undoubtedly mean so so much to me. They lay a strong foundation for my vision in life.

The first one was a significant mission I closely associate my life to, titled ‘Dare to Defy the Destiny’, it’s a non-fiction anthology of twenty-six thought-provoking true tales of Indian Women, some inspiring and some heart wrenching but each leaving our conscience pricked to become the face of positive change. I have met each of the protagonists at some point in my life and I had promised myself to let the world know their tale. The strength of my emotions for the subject aided me solely in pulling off my first book.

You won’t believe the second one ‘The Fragrance of True Love’ is an innocent lovely story, a fiction novella, of a girl Priyam whose traumatic past stands in front of her glorious future, is my first attempt at serial fiction. How Meer enters her life and changes her world is what this chick-let romance is all about. This book sold really well and got raving reviews.

The third and the latest one ‘Destiny’s Favourite Child’, the one that we are discussing today is my autobiography and it happened by chance when a co-blogger and a dear friend coming up with an anthology on commoner women who made big in life, who had read the titbits about my life on my blog, approached me to write my life story for him. I did that bit for him but when some of the people closest to me read it, they said it had a potential of a book and thus I did it albeit very reluctantly after taking permission from the generous blogger buddy.

Q. How difficult is it to write an autobiography? What challenges did you face while writing this? How did your folks react when they read your book?

A. It certainly is an emotional upheaval and a gutsy task to pen your life for the public eye. But I had to do it for I had to tell the world, my journey from being chosen to be thrown on a trash bin as a newborn to where I have reached today. I had to do it to inspire another Roma in another part of our country to be able to summon up the courage and turn the tide of the time in her favor.

The challenges were umpteen. First was to overcome my own mental block of making my private life public. Then, I had to set limits, to what extent can I give our facts. Given the fact that I am a very blatant and brutal writer it was all the more difficult because I may be offending some people as I have to be true to myself and my readers. I have deleted and added chapters multiple times to make it an inspirational read. Like the last chapter which says, ‘ I forgive you, dad!’ , made me cry bitterly while penning it but I have to do it. Trust me penning an autobiography was a Herculean task for an emotional girl like me.

My folks well, it’s a mix. My husband and son are proud of me that I summoned the courage to speak it all. I received a lot of love of my friends and readers on the same for the candidness and honesty with which the account has been penned. Some have chosen to be quiet over a few chapters while otherwise feeling elated and proud but one of my school friends who has always seen me bubbling with happiness and energy has actually written back to me that he can’t believe all this is true at all. So I have taken many by a big surprise too. 😊

Q.  You say that you are a suitable example of ‘Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory’. Please tell our readers more about it.

A. I am in fact the most suitable one and ‘Destiny’s Favourite Child’ is all about it. I hail from a very small town from Uttar Pradesh where way back then the tolerance for a female child was terribly less in comparison to today. My parents were well educated and I guess a gender bias was never on their mind but my paternal grandmom who herself had six daughters despised girls. She ill-treated my mom and when my mom birthed me, a female child her miseries only grew further. I listened to all the malicious ways of the world in my mother’s womb and still decided to survive and face it head on and didn’t perish though born in a small room without the help of a doctor or midwife because I was meant to be here, speaking to you all. I was the strongest and I survived as Darwin said.

You will find scores of other examples in this book which would prove to you that I am one of the best examples of Darwin’s Theory. I not only survived but did it to a fairly good level, if I may say so 😃.

Q. Share some childhood memories that you cherish.

A. I cherish the times I had spent with my mom the most. She has been my guiding light and has made me what I am today. I used to miss her a lot when I lived with my maternal grandparents and later in a hostel for 13 years. She left for the heavenly abode very early in life and my tribute to her including all the poems I had written for her which are included in this book is probably very very close to my heart.

I was my dad’s princess. I remember how he took pride in my achievements and motivated me to soar higher and higher.

I also have very fond memories of holding my little brother’s hand and taking him everywhere I went why is actually all the same till the present day.

Q. Where do you draw so much positivity and love for everyone you come across?

A. I am a total people’s person. Loving others unconditionally is a way of life for me and gives my heart eternal joy. I firmly believe that what you give out to the universe is what you receive back and thus I give out lots of warmth and smiles to whoever I meet in the real and virtual world. It is how I am always, truly yours Roma and I pour in the same love and energy on my blog too. I try my best not to offend anyone and evaluate a situation from their perspective which aids me to maintain calm in most occasions.

Q. Since you like to travel so much, would you like to tell us about your best holiday?

A. They are actually so many. I am actually a total travel freak. But last year I took a vacation with my two boys in Thailand and since the little one has grown up a little now, we had crazy fun. Also, a holiday to Kashmir with hubby ten years ago remains very very close to my heart. My solo Europe trips are memorable too♥️.

Q. If you were to choose a Patronus which animal would you choose and why? 

A. Maybe a Dolphin 😊. It is sharp and intelligent yet warm and caring. Like it exhibits no limit to the amount of skills it can acquire on training, the writer in me wants to stretch beyond her limits and acquire more skill by focused training. A Dolphin is my forever favorite It can entertain you to any level exactly like the writer in me aspires to.

Q. How do you overcome Writer’s Block?

A. I travel to a nearby weekend Getaways or sometimes distant planned vacations. Soaking myself in mother nature’s charm or curling up on the bed with my favorite book often does the trick for me. I also take breaks if my mind is not processing what my heart wishes to pen and start after a few days afresh. For that matter, any form of art seeks rejuvenation and I don’t create a ruckus around it.

Q. Describe your process for research while writing.

A. Weaving of the real in the reel is absolutely indispensable to establish the connect and make your reader engage. I always keep this in my mind and scribble points on a notebook as I research so that they stay in my brain and can get subtly weaved inside my work.

Q. Share some valuable tips for publishing and marketing your e-book.

A. The first and the foremost please be very very convinced that you have given your best shot. Once you would be convinced you will be able to sell your work to the audience much better. Before you hit the publish button build in certain x-factors in your book which is unique and exclusive to you, with which your readers identify you. Now when you market your book use exactly these points to make your audience relate to you and grab a copy of yours.

Build your clan. I may be a very good writer but I must have a strong network or blogger buddies, friends and followers who become instrumental in my promotions. Not because they are paid but because they relate to your work.

Don’t shy away from promoting yourself. Promote yourself everywhere on social media, in communities, in WhatsApp groups, through direct email to your contacts, through word of mouth or whatever way you can. I even distribute free copies for initial promotions.

The visibility matters dears and ironically calls for a bigger effort than penning the book.

roma book.jpeg

Book Blurb: The author enumerates several reasons why you must pick the autobiography of this tiny mortal who is not a celebrity or a person of big stature but just a girl next door. You should read it to know how a girl child who listens to all the malicious ways of the world in her mother’s womb feels petrified even before her birth but still decides to survive and take the challenge. You should read it to know how despite destiny’s chosen games against her, she not only proves herself time and again but remembers to make her mark. You should read it to know how a commoner with zero support system still manages to live life queen size. Also, you should read it to know about this bold and beautiful’s rare ability to dream and Move Mountains to fulfill her dreams. She indeed is ‘Destiny’s Favourite Child’.

Read what Rashmi has to say about the book. Do check out Roma’s GoodReads page. You can also see what Roma has to say about her book HERE, before you download the book from Amazon.

@RomaGuptaSinha, do comment and let us know how this interview experience was for you. And do read, share and comment on your fellow author’s interviews as well. Here’s wishing you all the best for the eBook and all your future endeavors. Wishing you lots of success!!

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  1. She’s one of the kindest souls I’ve come across. Always ready to help and encourage, she’s a gem of a person and a terrific writer. Love you Roma.

  2. A very powerful interview, Priya! Roma comes across as a very warm, loving and genuine person, those qualities are reflecting in this interview too. More power to you, Roma! May you come up with many more books and enlighten your readers!

  3. Your interview warmed my heart dear Priya and I am overwhelmed being the part of this precious series. Thank you for all the love and support, I absolutely loved all your questions and indeed enjoyed the process of weaving answers to them. Loads of love and best wishes to you ♥️

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  5. writenlive says:

    Roma, I love your smile. I have only seen you on social media and maybe never really interacted with you but even then you come across as such a happy and friendly person.
    I am glad I know more about your books through this interview. To tell you the truth, your biography and your life story made me emotional.
    Thanks Priya, for bringing Roma to us, the warm, unedited version.

  6. Roma is one of the smiling beauty and most inspirational personality I have known in this blogosphere. Enjoyed reading her words of wisdom.

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