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May 30, 2017
Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader- How to Make Kids Read.
June 19, 2017

Recently watched a catchy music video- Shameless by Prajakta koli aka mostlysane. It’s been playing in mind, in loop, ever-since I heard it. More than the music, I love the message that it gives- ‘Let’s be SHAMELESS’. When somebody tries to shame you, or embarrass you. Don’t let it affect you. Tell yourself, that only you know how to raise your kids, only you know how much you love your kids.

There is nobody who knows it better than us, the mothers. We are judged, from the moment we are expected to become a mother. Till we actually get the mother title, people could be judging us, but not on our face. But argh! As we get the birth certificate of our kids in our hands, seemingly everyone around us also gets the license to be judgmental. Everything we do or not do, is judged. Be ready to be constantly judged by every human being on the planet.

“Look the way she is holding the baby”

“The baby’s finger nails are not trimmed”

“The baby is sooo thin, she is so fat. She doesn’t feed her baby properly.”

I mean, I can go on and on and on. You dunno why the mother is making the kid wear pants in the summer, and she herself is wearing shorts. Maybe because she wants to protect the kid’s sensitive skin. May be she wants to minimize the damage, when he falls. So Baby is not wearing a jacket, and it’s cold and windy. May be the mother tried hard, but the kid wouldn’t relent. Or maybe the kid just took it off. The baby’s nails are not trimmed? Guess what, the baby would not allow her to cut them when he is awake, and when she tried a million times to cut when the baby was asleep, he would move his hands all the time. “The baby’s ears are dirty” – she just cleaned them for all you know- that’s not dirt, that’s just cradle-cap falling off his ears. Let’s not judge her when she doesn’t run when her baby falls. May be she is teaching the kid to get up on her own, dust herself up and walk again.

“She is wearing shorts, she is mom, or has 10 year old kid.” You know what! Cut her some slack. If you want to tell her something, tell her, “You look cute, or like a teenager”. Let her be the way she wants to be. “She leaves the baby with the nanny”-  her kid, her choice. Let’s support each other. Let’s uplift each other. There is nobody, who knows better than us- what it takes to be a mother, to have a baby.

When she is juggling with her job, her home, her family, her life. Let’s offer a helping hand. On a rainy day if you see a mother with grocery bag, a child tugged in her arms, try not judging her for not bringing the umbrella. Let’s offer to hold her grocery. Or let’s open umbrella for her when she is holding the baby in one hand, her grocery in the other hand, and probably a hundred of other things in her mind. Let’s be her UMBRELLA!

#StopJudging #Shameless # BeHerUmbrella

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