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Do you dream? Of course, you do. We dream about a big house, a big car, the next long vacation. You know what? We have the luxury, to dream. Are the dreams luxury, only privileged ones can afford? There are people who are less fortunate than us, they dream: A dream to live with dignity, a dream to educate their kids, a dream to be able to make other’s dream come true.

I met a fellow blogger, Damyanti a few days ago. Seeing her passion towards the project WHY, I was moved. So here I’m, supporting Project WHY in my small way.


Project WHY is a flagship program of Sri Ram Goburdhun Charitable Trust, that provides educational support to underprivileged children. This after-school support program goes beyond academics, to include life skills and all-around development.

Project WHY also runs vocational skill programs for women from underprivileged homes. Every year this nonprofit reaches out to 1200 underprivileged children and provides after-school support to them and also to 160 women. It also works on women’s empowerment so they can support themselves and their children.

Since 2007, over a 1000 women have been trained at the women’s center sewing circle.



The sewing circle of Khader began its activities over 10 years ago in Madanpur Khader, one of the many villages that dot New Delhi. Since then over 1000 women have been trained by Project Why as part of its women empowerment programme.

This programme was initiated with the belief that women were true agents of change and that giving them the means to earn a livelihood would go a long way in transforming the lives of their families. This held particularly true in an environment where men often drank and domestic violence was prevalent. At Project Why they not only learned a skill, but also to read and write, thus helping them to become small entrepreneurs!

The sewing circle of Khader has been a resounding success. Over 80% of the women have found some form of gainful activity be it within their homes or even outside.


The Project WHY Sewing Circle has changed the lives of scores of women, but none more so than for Renu Karotia, the sewing teacher.

Six years ago, Renu’s husband lost his job following a work accident. the family lost their home and incurred huge debts. Being unskilled, Renu had very few options. After she joined the Project Why sewing class, she soon started taking small sewing jobs at home. It was a struggle to put food on the table every day.

When Project Why lost its sewing teacher, they felt that Renu had the skills to take on the job. Though hesitant at first, she grew into the job and is now very proud of her students. She is slowly paying back her debts and knows that she holds the key to her future. Her children study at the after-school support classes run by Project Why.

Today Renu is looking at developing and honing the skills of her students through a six-month programme. This will enable them to find employment in the garment industry.

For this endeavour, the following is required:

Iron                                                       1000/-
Interlocking machine                  4400/-
Pico machine                                   5600/-
Ironing board                                   2000/-
Cutting table                                    4000/-
6-month salary for Renu             60,000/-
Total amount needed:               77,000/-



Women such as Renu are the true agents of change and helping them find the means to earn a livelihood goes a long way in transforming the lives of their families. At Project WHY, Renu and her students not only practice sewing but also learn to read and write which will empower them. When women are empowered, domestic violence drops, and the next generations find access to better education.

Follow this link to know more about www.projectwhy.org and make a donation here. Your contribution, no matter how small, will drive this noble initiative forward and enable these women to find employment in the garment industry where such skills are needed. 

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If donating from India, you are eligible for a 50% tax deduction under section 80G, and the entire account would be put up on the project WHY website once the amount is raised.

You can also donate in different currencies like USD and pounds—all you have to do is change the currency at the top right of the screen. If donating from the U.S., you may donate to Project Why via Omprakash which is a tax-exempt non-profit organization, registered under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Join the Project Why family by supporting Renu, and other women like her.  Do remember, no amount is too small. A few rupees – a fifty or hundred or two-hundred, a dollar or two or more, maybe a few euros which might cost you a coffee or that mini-meal at Subway; will go a long way in turning a few dreams into reality.

Share the SEWING CIRCLE FUNDRAISER on social media using the hashtag #GivingTuesday and #ProjectWhyDelhi. Did you know each share leads to at least 3 donations!

Everyone deserves to dream. Let’s give wings to some dreams, let’s make some of the dreams come true. 


  1. projectwhy says:

    Thank you so much for your support to our initiative to make Renu’s dreams come true. It is truly overwhelming. Hope to see you at Project Why some day soon. God bless

    • Priya says:

      I appreciate the good work that you guys are doing. Wish Renu all the very best for me. And keep rocking!
      Yes, hope to see you soon. Thank you.

  2. I agree that interacting with Damyanti was really infectious. It led me to actually believe that we could help someone make their dreams come true.

    • Priya says:

      Absolutely! D and company are doing a great job. She is passionate about the project.
      When we help someone achieve their dreams, their dreams become our own. What can be better than this.
      Thank you, Anupriya

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