Let's Pass on Some Fun Privileges to Men

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February 26, 2018
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March 3, 2018

The nature has bestowed women with more privileges than men can even begin to imagine. After all we take pride in being God’s most beautiful creations (Ahem Ahem..or so we would like to believe). They say it’s a man’s world. But you know what I don’t see that. We rule them and their world. We are feeling generous around women’s day, so let’s see if we had to pass some fun privileges to men. What would it be? Hmm *rubbing the hands gleefully with the prospect of an opportunity.

  1. Make up– I know many metro-sexual men do go for little bit of lip-gloss and foundation and they take pride in having that luxury facial once in a while. But women are expected to look good on every occasion. So let’s give them lifetime privilege of doing their make-ups while we sit in the living room, sipping on our favorite drink and once in a while saying “Are you done honey?”
  2. Shopping– This is bliss! Men need to appreciate and understand the “art of shopping”. It takes eyes to spot that perfect cashmere shawl and it takes forever to chose the matching heels to go with them. In fact you know what? Shop for heels and try them on, men! That would be wonderful. C’mon it would be fun!
  3. Smiling at the someone of the opposite gender and not being called a pervert. This, I believe, men would be really happy to have. When we appreciate a handsome hunk and give a flirtatious smile and we serenade them by fluttering our eyes. It’s kinda cute. But when they do it’s kinda creepy. So yeah, let them have it for a day may be. Just a day? Shall we? And appreciate the most ethereal creature ever walked the planet earth.
  4. Don’t have to change flat Tyre– Someone always come along to help, don’t they? When we hear the dreaded thud thud while driving, we halt our car and get down to see. More often than not, a gentleman comes riding about in not-so-shining-armor to help the damsel-in-distress. Sometimes men should also get away with someone else changing their car’s tyre. Shouldn’t they?
  5. Labor pain– I saved the best for the last. Now this I would readily and happily serve them straight up, if I could. It’s fun being a mother, Ah! But labor pains! Argh! So yes, I think it would be great if they experience these life changing contractions at least once in their lifetime. This is something that they need to feel to understand. You know what I mean.

So these are the fun privileges, oh how much I want men to experience all this once at least. I have few other in my mind as well, but let’s keep them for some other day. And I am sure men can come up with some fun privileges they would like to pass on to women too. So bring it on, men. Bring it on!
Disclaimer: This post is all in jest, don’t take it seriously. I’m all and all a feminist. I don’t believe in playing the damsel-in-distress-card either. It’s just a fun jibe.



  1. I think men are going to love the 3rd one..πŸ˜‚

  2. pooja jha says:

    I like to sit in living room whlie sipping on my fav drink saying done honey…..

  3. Aesha says:

    Oh yes.. I want this to happen someday .. and what better day then Women’s Day. Enjoyed reading your post Priya. Thanks for your participation!

  4. Thanks so much Rakrithy. It means a lot. 😊

  5. Most of the women like that one. Thanks for commenting Deepika 😊

  6. mammaspeaks says:

    You had me at β€œare you done honey?”, a scene played in my house every time we step put. πŸ˜‰

  7. well written , love the 3rd one that is really true and funny too

  8. idreamstars says:

    Lovely blog with real facts!

  9. Make up make up make up … I am a no make up person and was reminded of this one time when a boy asked me – why no make up … 😀 yeah he should try the kajal once in a while to start with. Sweet write up …

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