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December 4, 2020
August 29, 2021
Love is known to pull your heartstrings like a puppeteer. And The Hive, along with twenty brilliant writers, takes up the role to bring you this concoction of love stories. So join us as we read the unwritten story of a moonlight affair. The girl in the forest, whose chance encounter with whispering hues of a technicolor love, brought her out of the cage. Take me to your heart, Padmini says, her perfume reminding him of the daffodils of the Yorkshire moors, of forsaken flowers and forbidden frontiers. They walk hand in hand into the sunset, hoping to learn love in 30 days; him, thinking of balconies, booze, and breeze shooting with her, while she dances in the rain and whispers, love me in your dreams. He wonders if that's an illusion called Love. Is love virtually even possible? But she refuses and screams, "Silly! It's crazy, stupid love." And they dance until they heave and declare, "Hey! You cannot just end love." We are The Hive Publishers, your neighborhood publishing collective that believes no good story should go unread. We have come a long way in living our values, doing it without ever charging a penny for submissions.

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