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April 6, 2017
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April 21, 2017

My son is my tiny, little Buddha. He teaches me to be a wiser and a better human being, in his own little ways.

My son’s birthday just went by. Like any other 8 year old kid, he was excited about his birthday, celebrations, and of course gifts. A month before his birthday, he started writing down the names of all friends he would like to invite. He wrote his best friend’s name on the first invite, and other names and then he thought about someone we didn’t have an agreement(to invite) on. He wanted to invite a boy (let’s call him X), who had not invited him. And I being the parent, thought I know what’s best, offered him to invite someone else. I asked him. “Did X invite you?”. He answered, “No”. And he looked me into my eyes and responded, “That’s why I know how it feels not to be invited”. I was speechless, my 8 year old kid just taught me about compassion. There is so much we can learn from our kids. Here are things that I’ve learnt from my kid, over the last few years.

  1. Forgiveness: He has taught me to forgive people. Kids don’t hold grudges. We as adults hold the grudges for long time, for years, sometimes even for lifetime. We need to learn from the kids to move on. My son had an argument with a boy in the school bus. He came home and was visibly upset. When I investigated he narrated his ‘unabridged version’ of the incident. The next day I saw him merrily talking to the the same kid.
  2. Laughter: We have forgotten how to laugh. It’s a treat to watch kids laugh, unabashedly.We should allow ourselves to laugh more and enjoy the beautiful life. They even know how to make others smile. My son has several tricks up his sleeves, to make me laugh. Few of them are- speaking gibberish, singing a funny song, making cute faces etc. Kids laugh more than 300 times a day. How many times do we laugh?
  3.  Curiosity: They are always curious. They never hesitate to ask questions. We,’ the grown ups’ think twice before we ask questions,  as we don’t wanna sound foolish. But as the proverb goes “He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever”.
  4. Carefree attitude: They have no worries or anxiety. They don’t care who is thinking what. They don’t care that the exam is tomorrow.They don’t see who is looking at them when they are dancing. If they want to  dance in a field of daisies in rain, so they shall. If they want to roll on the floor, nothing can stop them. Think what you will. Who cares?
  5. Excitement: They are excited about everything. They have the energy bubbling inside them. They want to do everything. Life is party for them. They never lose the opportunity to make most of it. If they see a remote, they don’t see a remote, but they see it labelled as ”come, have fun with me”
  6. Eagerness to learn: They are eager to learn new things. They don’t care about success or failure. They want to try and learn new things. They are not scared of the change.
  7. Be busy always-They don’t laze around doing nothing. They are always on the move, jumping up and down, all over the house. They don’t have to know rocket science to make a flyer plane, they don’t have to be a Micheal Jackson to break into dance.They want to show their skills, they will do it, if your definition of ‘talent’ doesn’t match with their’s , it isn’t their problem.
  8. Accept Mistakes– They acknowledge and accept their mistakes. For us the first step is difficult and second one seem impossible. We always shy away from taking the responsibilities of our mistakes. We are ready to blame everything- other person, situations, things, stars and universe- anything but us. Kids on the other hand not only accept their mistakes but also it is not hard for them to say that they are sorry. It doesn’t hurt their ego to accept their mistakes.
  9. To be a good listener: They are good listeners. They listen to understand not waiting for their turn to speak.When my kid was a year old, one day I was upset for some reasons. He came to me, looked at me, asked me to sit down and gave me a bear hug. A hug that lasted for good 5 minutes. He knew I needed a shoulder to cry on. He even listened to my silence.
  10. Don’t Judge:They are not judgmental.They are not sexist, racist or prejudiced. They don’t pass judgement, they don’t gossip. If they don’t like your shirt, they will tell you. They won’t call you a bad dresser.
  11. Help without expecting anything: My son was two years old, when I saw him helping a young man with 2-3 heavy boxes. They just want to help, and experience the joy of giving. They don’t expect anything in return

If you have learnt something from your  little Buddha, that’s not listed here, drop in the comment box. I would love to learn more.


  1. writenlive says:

    Congratulations on your son’s birthday!
    It is true that we can learn so much from our children. The best thing that I can take home from them is the boundless joy that they emanate!

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