One More

I keep going on (a song)
March 16, 2018
Theme Reveal : A-Z challenge 2018
March 21, 2018

One more tune
One more song
One last melody
Before the dawn
One more prayer
One more wish
One last hug
Before goodbye kiss
One more sun
One more rain
One last rainbow
To endure this pain
One more laughter
One more whimper
One last smile
Before the last sigh
One more moment
One last dream
One more pebble
To ripple the stream
One more ray
One last light
One last hope
Before the twilight
One more touch
Few more words
For the last memory
Before the final solitude
One last rose
One more teardrop
One more footprint
Before my epitaph.


  1. We always need all the ‘one more’ mentioned here. Nice weaving of words.

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