Rainbow in her eyes…

Interview with Priya #anshuasks
August 10, 2018
Ash and Dust
August 15, 2018

She sees the rainbow in her mother’s eyes,
Bright, colorful and mystical.
The rainbow gets hazy and soon
She can’t see them anymore…
Instead, she hears the pitter-patter
She collects tears and raindrops
And vainly tries to separate the two
In her tiny palm…


  1. Lovely lines, Priya! Whenever a daughter moves away from her mother, this is how she feels – tears in her eyes!

  2. Such a lovely read Priya! It took me two times to understand what you have written. Once I did, I just feel you have brought out the essence of this poetry beautifully.

  3. Mann says:

    Sad…no one should ever lose a mom…never!!!

  4. Tamanna Shah says:

    This is a beautiful poem and captures the relationship that a daughter and a mother share. And then eventually how she loses her mother. *touched*

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