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September 19, 2018
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Book Title: Tara
Author: Anshu Bhojnagarwala

About the Author: @Anshu Bhojnagarwala knew she was meant to be a story-teller when her best bed-time stories as a child were the ones she made up herself. And she could barely read then! She would just let her vivid imagination take over. Not much has changed. Even today, she enjoys creating fascinating characters and plots. She is currently, working on a book that is a complete entertainer where you will encounter drama, sex and murder mystery. So, if you liked her e-book do keep a look-out for this one.

She began reading comics and then later graduated to English classics and also French literature! She finds herself drawn to the supernatural and paranormal. Who knows, maybe that’s where her next book will come from!  

As a popular parenting blogger, Anshu also likes sharing her thoughts on health and parenting on her popular blog, Firsttimemommy, which is one of the top 20 First-Time Mom Blogs. When she is not writing on parenting, she is busy creating a magical world on her fiction blog Anshu Bhojnagarwala

It was while teaching her daughter important values so that she would grow to become a strong and independent woman, that inspiration struck Anshu. That’s what led to creating ‘Tara’, her protagonist.

Review: Tara is the eponymous protagonist of the book who has an unrealized and untapped reservoir of beauty and grace.

It’s an engrossing story with a perfectly etched protagonist.  The man she thought she loved, does an irreversible damage. It’s a metaphor of how the society damages our soul when people judge us harshly without truly understanding us. Tara clings to her past and it is great to see her break free from the shackles. She realizes that her happiness doesn’t dependant on others when she finally learns to love herself for the way she is. Over the years, she turns her vulnerability into strength.

It’s a heartbreaking moment when she looks in the mirror and wonders why she isn’t like her siblings. Seeing a little girl question her lineage and her skin color, makes me wonder how our obsession with the fairer skin jeopardizes the happiness, damages the self-esteem of little girls with dusky skin.

I love the symbolic name of the protagonist. I like how despite the social stigma attached to the skin color, Tara shines through and her personality illuminates the life of the people she touches. ‘Tara’ is a refreshing and earnest effort to challenge the deeply impregnated beliefs of the society. We root for Tara as we witness her development from a naive young girl to a confident woman who doesn’t hesitate from taking life-changing decisions. We support her, whether we agree with the choices that she makes or not. She is the friend we stand for, not because she needs us but because she is honest and fair.

I had an opportunity of interviewing Anshu. You can read the interview here. You can download the book on amazon- Tara.

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  1. Tara story sounds a bit like this Tara’s
    I must grab this book.:)

  2. Thank you Priya for this brilliant review. This warms me to the very core of my heart. You have portrayed my Tara so well with all her faults and strengths. I am especially touched by the last line of yours. Thank you once again for this. Love you.

    • Priya says:

      I am so relieved that you liked it. She has something about her. And I love the name.
      Love her and love you😘
      It was an absolute pleasure to review the book.

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  4. geekanika says:

    Wow Tara sounds like quite something. Must check it out. Great job Priya. Very intriguing Anshu.

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