The Blue Rose

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May 29, 2017
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June 8, 2017

Aranya was the most special child of her parents. It was not because she was the cutest, the chirpiest, and the friendliest. But because she didn’t have much time left to spend with them. She had been suffering from a terminal disease. She had been fighting it, all her life. Her parents had seen her struggle to do anything that came naturally and easily to other kids. She couldn’t walk more than a few steps without any support. But she had big dreams and imaginations.

One day, she sat at her window watching her brother and other kids play. She could not go out to play with them. She had a pencil and paper in her hand, so she started doodling. She made a beautiful scene of the kids playing outside and also drew herself on the ground frolicking with them.

She started spending time with her colors. And soon she was transported into her world of creativity, deriving inspiration from everywhere. Her mother made a little corner for Aru in her room. Mother made the corner colorful and comfortable for her so that she can sit there for hours. The people who saw her drawings would marvel at how a small girl, without any learning, could draw so beautifully. Aranya was God’s special child, talented. She was born with a rare gift. She was unique, like a blue rose. You will not find it easily. But it needs a lot of care and love. She made a painting. It was the most beautiful painting. She made a fairy holding a blue rose. the rose was half withered and it seemed like a fairy was giving it a new life. When her mother asked her about the inspiration, she answered: “I saw in my dreams”.

There isn’t one Aranya in this world, there would be many. Let’s be a fairy to them. Let’s contribute to their world, in our own little way. Join any charity to give back to society.


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