The Day I Almost drowned…

February 20, 2018
Let's Pass on Some Fun Privileges to Men
February 28, 2018

It was a beautiful evening, we decided to spend on the beach. The sea was rough and choppy. The waves were gigantic. I was a rebel teenager, defying and challenging the sea. Suddenly a huge wave engulfed me.

Soon I found myself trapped underwater, I was kicking and pushing the sea. Trying to find anything to save myself. I could feel everything, the whooshing wind, the cold swirling water around me, the hews of water when the sun rays shone on the wave. The waves were unstoppable, they were breaking around me from each side. “Scream!”, my teenaged mind told me “that’s your only chance”. And scream I did. It didn’t help. They couldn’t hear me. The sea had perfectly planned this, while I tried to scream, the sea roared louder and pushed the salty, granuled water down my throat, my windpipe. “ Wave frantically!”, the brain wasn’t ready to give up yet. So I put hands out of the sea, waving desperately for attention. But it seemed I was invisible to the people around me. My loved ones couldn’t see me, probably I was pulled further from them by sea. I could hear them, see them. But they were oblivious of what I was going through. And I was pushed down and further away from the shore. I was to the ocean what the toy is to a kid. I was being churned around. I had lost sense of direction and time.

“This is it!”, I knew it was over. It was just matter of time. Seconds passed as eternity. The water needed a vessel and it was filling inside my lungs now. My eyes could only see the past. It turned the pages backwards and showed me the small life that I had lived so far. My eyes were drooping and darkness was closing in. I couldn’t hear the waves any longer. I wasn’t a rebel teenager anymore. I felt I was enveloped with sudden calmness. I couldn’t fight anymore because I knew there wasn’t any point. My brain had used almost all the oxygen left in my body and I felt lighter. I didn’t feel any pain at that time. It was as if I was in trance, just a step away from going into comma and then painless, final succumbere. So I did the only thing I could do. I surrendered!

In that moment I was lifted from the sea by another wave, and gently placed on the beach, tucked like a baby. I looked back, I couldn’t believe I had survived that. A lonely tear slipped down my cheeks. Years later, I learnt what nature was trying to teach me that day-  Sometimesit’s not the times you decide to fight, but the times you decide to surrender, that make all the difference


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