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March 17, 2017
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March 23, 2017


My son saw a play and he was impressed by the narrator. That night our son told us his first story, I was happy. He started showing interest in making the characters on a Popsicle, I was little skeptical as his interest for anything doesn’t last long. But Boy, was I mistaken. Ever since there hasn’t been any looking back. I have seen over the last few months how it has helped his creativity, imaginative skills, his confidence and has helped him build his vocabulary.

There has been every now and then what he fondly calls “The theatrical nights”. He is constantly looking for ways to make the theatrical nights more and more interesting and captivating. It has been months since we are doing it on regular basis. I see him hunting for props and accessories all through the week for that one story. His drama box is his companion, and he adds more and more characters to it.

Every weekend all the heroes are out and about, props are dusted, accessorized and characters are given thoughtful names sometimes even given alliterated surnames. He sets the stage behind the curtain at the window. He is quite meticulous about the details. He distributes the tickets to the family members and we are not allowed inside the room till the preparation is done. He turns off the light, ushers us in all geared up with his torch, dutifully checks tickets and makes us sit. And the extravaganza begins. He begins with a small introduction.

The genres are unpredictable, I bet my money on adventure today. He hates fairy tale stories though. He insists to make his own story. I see he is getting better and better in his storytelling. He sometimes puts the colored film on the torch to create different effects, sometimes he plays music which are “crucial to the story”. He mixes and matches different characters along with his toys, and creates something truly unique. Sometimes he urge us to participate, in order to make it more interactive. I love the way the story sessions brings us together and closer and brings joy to our home.

We marvel, applaud and rejoice and proudly look at our little storyteller.

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