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March 21, 2018
April 1, 2018

Today, finally I decided to take plunge and participate in AtoZ contest. I have been in dilemma much like my favorite author’s famous protagonist Hamlet. to do or not to do… There are multiple themes waging war against one another in my mind.  However, I have given in to my most favorite theme- “Poem & Prose”. They come straight from my heart.I have often spoken about my journey from a reader to a writer. If you are new to my site,  do read here.

It’s amazing how sometimes characters themselves help you write a new story. I love the characters, each one has layers of emotions and they evoke similar emotions in you. Looking forward to meet new characters and new readers this April. Something tells me it’s going to be magical. So brace yourself for an amazing journey where we don’t just share stories but our lives too, so don’t just read share your stories too.

20180321_174955_0001 (1).png

So stay tuned, friends! Behold April! Here we come! 😀 It’s going to be super-fun, and super-exciting.



  1. Aesha says:

    Awaiting your posts , Priya!!! Glad you decided to participate.

  2. Interesting always to read words straight from the heart.
    Here is mine:
    NamySaysSo AtoZChallenge 2018 Theme Reveal

  3. Hi Priya! I am so glad that I discovered you via the A to Z Challenge. It is Aesha Shah who spoke highly of your writings and got me intrigued. She´s is 100% right as always. Your writings have been marvellous till date for the A to Z Challenge this year. And, I´m looking forward to reading the rest.

    • Aesha is a darling, I owe it to her. I started writing again because of her.
      I love A to Z, I got to read and interact with other writers. Everyday we learn so many new things. You are too kind. Thank you so much😘

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