Who Am I?

The intangible, immortal memories
October 29, 2017
My Journey: From a Reader to a Writer
January 22, 2018

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Who am I? Human beings have been asking this question to themselves from time immemorial. Some people when I asked ‘who they are’- they go in all existential crisis mode. Your truly happens to be one of them. Yes, I’m a mother, once a mother, always a mother. That’s one of the things that defines me, yet not the only thing. I’m a wife- again that’s a role that I play. That’s not me. Let’s dig deeper. Who am I? I am a woman. We are getting closer- but the problem is the soul is sexless. Let’s find out who I am, or let’s put it this way. Who do I think I am?

I’m someone who-

  • Doesn’t believe in being judgmental, but judges herself all the time.
  • Believe in being free, flying free, but sometimes forget how to fly.
  • Loves rainbow, and black and white too.
  • A rebel, but I follow my heart- which is tied to some people.
  • believes that we all have some purpose of life, yet to discover my own.
  • A reader and a writer.
  • Sometimes thinks I’m a-know-it-all. And sometimes “you know nothing, Priya”.
  • Has an eidetic memory. I can remember the day, conversation, the people. I can surprise you with the minutest detail of the day we met. The  catch ‘it’s a selective eidetic memory’- I choose who and what I remember.
  • A good actor but a terrible liar. I can’t lie, but I can act to entertain you.
  • Is an introvert. If I am making an effort to talk to you, it means I like you.
  • IS a dancer, but I’ve two left feet.
  • Tries to the right thing, but sometimes struggles to differentiate right from wrong.

This is me and more.

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