With Bated Breath and Whispering Humblenes…

A Red Rose
October 9, 2017
It's okay to be little disobedient…
October 16, 2017

Their chats, if we’re to go public, would create a rucus he said. 

“What do u mean” she asked with a fiesty emoticon. 

“I mean in a good way… Ofcourse.. “, he typed something, deleted and typed again “Should we meet?” 

But no emoticon or words could translate into magic when they flashed on her monitor. She hardly knew him. Three months, is it enough to understand someone and their intentions? Probably not. 

“Hmm… ” The screen said typing for a while. While she tried to choose the right words. He shifted in his chair waiting for the words, which meant so much to him. He wanted to tell her how he saved their conversation and stole time from his busy schedule and reread. There had been months and she hadn’t greed to meet him yet. He typed “brb”.. and left the screen to give her some time to listen to her thoughts. He went to the kitchen and made himself a cup of green tea. By the time, he got back the screen still read “typing”. 

Her took a sip from his cup.  To transfer the magic through the screen, he needed a plan. And decided to give her something interesting to think about.

“Okay! M back. Waiting with bated breath and whispering humbleness… I still await.” He typed with a smile, hoping she knew what he was talking about.

“Ah! Shakespeare! That’s how it all started. Right. Do you remember?”

“How can I forget? Rose?”. He chuckled. She typed “lol”. And remembered how the first time they chatted, her Id was Rose_15. And when she asked him what his name was, he answered “what’s in a name?”. She knew he was special, after all, how many men of this era can talk Shakespearean? 

She finally wrote,”aye!

He couldn’t be happier,

”supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and I don’t care for once if the spelling is right or wrong”, they could hear each other’s laughter. 

And he rehearsed what he had been rehearsing for last 30 days..

I will live in the heart, die in the lap.


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  1. A nice story…reminds me of the days people used to chat in chatrooms πŸ™‚

  2. Geeta Nair says:

    A nice story with a positive ending.

  3. Those were the days when people chat and predict about replies. πŸ™‚ well expressed.

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